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What is it?

StaFi LSD Stack is a LSD(Liquid Staking Derivative) stack, developed and maintained by 61 LAB, mainly built for developers who want to create LSTs(Liquid Staking Token). With StaFi LSD Stack, you can build a new LST by simply clicking, while gaining LST's composability and programability. This stack will save your workload, your resource, your budget on development and maintenance, you can review the stack if you are seeking for a development framework to launch a new LST.

How it works?

The LSD Stack is developed by abstracting technology from the current solutions in LSD industry, while combining the innovative trend in the cutting edge, so that to create a decentralize staking network. Single LST accumulates security from the framework thats proved by the exited LSD projects, its upgradability is up to date to make sure everything is in the track.

The Stack is divided into 2 parts. The standard stack includes basic functions, e.g staking, unstaking and reward updating. The custom stack provide high level functions except for the basic, e.g interoperability and DeFi integration, it usually needs a further development accordingly.

The main target of this Stack is to achieve staking and getting a LST and unstaking and getting the deposited token back, in a simple and easy way, together with possibility. Beside that, build something meaningful based on the LST Stack and make DeFi adopted massively in the future.

Why we need it?

There are many PoS consensus layer1s in Web3, and Liquid staking is the main solution to unleash the staked TVL, thus increase the capital efficiency. As one of the best use cases in DeFi (except for DEX and Lending), the industry needs a fast and secure LSD deployment.

Moreover, LSD is more like a public infrastructure as it is growing, as a interested bearing asset in DeFi, LSDFi is created to bootstrap its composability, LST based stablecoin, LST based index, we can see many use cases in Ethereum. With the continuous prosperity and growth of LSDFi, the demand for LSD SaaS is becoming more and more urgent. StaFi LSD Stack makes it possible for developers and project parties to quickly deploy LSD logic and build DeFi applications on it.

Who need it?

This Stack's vision is to build a fast deployed, easily used, technologically trended LSAAS(Liquid Staking as a Service) platform, the users will include but not limited to:

  • Layer1 Team: project developers who want to build an 'official' LSD protocol.
  • Community Builder: builders who want to build a community LSD protocol.
  • Startup: teams who want to create something innovative in the LSD industry.
  • Institution: institutions who want to create a LSD protocol with customize functions.